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The process of hearing seems simple enough on the surface: we hear a......
When first learning about speech and language, itís important to define some....
As a parent with a special needs child, I have walked a path similar.....
Nancy Datino Audiologist and Speech Pathologist Mamaroneck NY
Dr. Nancy Datino has particular substantial expertise helping children with cochlear implants develop spoken language.
Audiology and Speech Solutions provides comprehensive audiological, speech, language and auditory processing evaluations as well as individual and group therapy using a unique proven approach.
Therapy for childhood apraxia, Harrison, NY, Toddler language, Language through play in Larchmont, NY


Auditory therapy Westchester County NY
Auditory Processing Disorder:
What It Is and What To Do
Auditory Processing in Westchester County NY
Tinnitus treatment in Westchester
Sometimes people complain about ringing sounds in their ears......
Tinnitus treatment in Westchester, Hearing and Speech in Larchmont
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